Results of the 1. World Cup in Luton 2001

Men Singles

M. Nataraj of India annexed the Men Singles title of the 1st Carrom World
Cup held in Luton, England from 20th to 23rd October 2001. Nataraj, who
lost the first game and was trailing 19-24 in the second game, just kept his
cool and clinched both second and the third game in an exciting match.
Nataraj scored a White Slam before losing the first game.Yogesh Pardeshi of
India secured third position. In the play off match, he defeated M.T.M.
Hilmy of Sri Lanka 20-25, 25-18, 25-4. Raju Bhaisare of India got fifth
position. In the play-off matches for 5th to 8th positions, he defeated
W.D.N. Fernando of Sri \lanka 25-10, 25-7 and Carlito Bollin of Switzerland
25-7, 25-8.

In the Semi-finals, Nataraj overcame in form Sri Lankan player,M.T.M. Hilmy
25-9, 25-13 while Shankara defeated his compatriat Yogesh Pardeshi in
straight games 25-11, 25-14. In the Quarter-finals, Yogesh Pardeshi beat
Fernando of Sri Lanka 25-7, 25-12, R.M. Shankara beat Raju Bhaisare 24-25,
25-20, 25-1, M.T.M. Hilmy of Sri Lanka beat Shaheen Miah of UK 25-14, 25-7
and M. Nataraj beat Carlito Bollin 25-0, 25-13.

Women Singles

The Women Singles event was won by current World Champion, Rashmi Kumari of
India. In the final, she defeated her compatriat and World No.2, P.Nirmala
in straight games 25-12, 25-15. Rashmi scored a Black slam in the final.
In the Semi-finals, Rashmi outplayed Alice Chenu of France 25-0, 25-7 while
P.Nirmala crushed Amitha Wickramasinghe 25-0, 25-0.


In the Men Doubles FINAL, M. Nataraj & R.M. Shankara defeated Yogesh
Pardeshi & Raju Bhaisare 21-12. The Men Doubles Final was played on the
basis of best of one game only. Rashmi & Nirmala won the Women Doubles


Seven Slams (six White and one Black) were scored in the Tournament.
Rashmi scored one white and a Black Slam. Raju Bhaisare, P.Nirmala, Yogesh
Pardeshi, M. Nataraj and MTM Hilmy (Sri Lanka) scored one White slam each.

Written by Krishan Sharma

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